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It’s time to hang up the memes, and it’s not why you think either. (hint, hint: it’s white supremacy)

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Last night in the performance of my evening ritual, I laid in bed and scrolled through the annals of TikTok. Winding down from my day, my wanderings steered across a video, the content of which was not too unusual but still brought forth confusion. It’s creator offered the suggestion that she was raised by not one but two “Karens.” Then, she spent the next 60 seconds, describing their degrees of “Karen-ness.” She presented photos of the women, essential oils, wall signs with cliche proclamations, and so on. …

How Mackenzie Scott is writing the blueprint on social justice, philanthropy and impact.

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Photo by princess on Unsplash

Amidst the close of my first year at Fisk University in 2018, I found myself piled into the computer lab of the Historic Jubilee Hall with my hallmates. We were in complete disarray, settling into an all-nighter with the end of the semester looming. That night, however, our assignments took a backseat while we sat and watched the live stream of Beyonce’s monumental Coachella performance. Beyonce had dedicated her performance to us, HBCU students, that is, and we were in awe. High off the ecstasy that was our freshman year at an HBCU, we danced, laughed and screamed along with…

There are countries who have been exploited and countries who have participated in exploiting

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Photo by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden on Unsplash

Last spring, I took a class on the subject of African History and Film; it surrounded ideas rooted in the power of narratives and depictions. As a Historian of the Black Diaspora, I am well aware of the power of master narratives and the use of language to oppress marginalized peoples. In this class, we covered the common tropes inflicted on the African continent and cinema’s ability to reframe History.

Words have power, and the constructions of them into a narrative are exponentially powerful.

My capstone for the course focused on the events of the 1994 Rwandan Genocide, and needless…

Its December 21st, the Colored Conjunction is upon us, and superpowers or not, if Black people do one thing, they’re gonna get off these jokes!

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Every year, December 21st marks the Winter Solstice, the shortest day and longest night of the year. In the exceptional year of 2020, this Winter Solstice will be marked by the exceptional moment of the Great Conjunction, wherein Jupiter and Saturn will align closer together than they have in over 400 years.

Black Twitter has been preparing for this moment for weeks now, and if you have yet to figure out why, then you might need to mind your business.

Nevertheless, the day is here.

#December21st is the number one trending topic on the app, and jokes are flying…

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